How to Prepare Your House for Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating may feel like an overwhelming task that requires a lot of work, but with some easy bits of preparation before the decorating starts, it can be a simple and smooth process. Good preparation is the key to having a good experience, saving time, and reducing stress.

Protect Your Furniture

Ideally, you should clear the room of all your furniture, however, if this is not possible then push the items to the center of the room and cover them with a dust sheet. Make sure you remember to also remove all your soft furnishings, ornaments, and mirrors too. Pushing items of furniture to the middle of the room means that there is plenty of space to move around the room and access all the walls.

Remove Wall Hangings and Curtains

As well as the main pieces of furniture, you should also take down your blinds, curtains, poles and other wall hangings and pictures. This makes it easier to decorate those areas and prevents any damage from occurring. Also, don’t worry about any nail holes left from removing wall hangings, as your decorator will easily be able to fill them and leave you with a fresh wall, ready to be decorated with your favourite pieces again.


Clean the Room

If you choose to prep the walls yourself, aim to have it finished the day before painting begins as this will mean that your decorator can start straight away. It is also a good idea to hoover the carpet and skirting boards beforehand too because dust can blow onto your new paint before it dries and ruins your new decor.

Plan Not Being in the Room

Although this can be difficult if you use the rooms that are being decorated a lot, try and plan not to use the rooms on the days they are being decorated. This could mean planning meals out, moving clothes from wardrobes to other rooms, changing where your pet sleeps, or even changing where you sleep.  By organising this in advance, the decorating process will be much more streamlined and far less stressful for everyone!


Consult the Expert

Now you have prepared as much as you can for the painting and decoration of your home, it may be worth contacting the professional you have hired to ask if there is anything they would specifically like you to do. Having open communication will make the project easier for everyone and allow you to preempt problems and disruptions before they even take place.


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